DIY vs Professional Office Fitouts – Which is Better

DIY vs Professional Office Fitouts - Which is Better

Office fit-out is when you create a brand new office space from scratch or turn an empty space into a usable workstation. Space planning, infrastructure, furnishings, and more are included. An office fit-out represents a company’s culture while meeting team demands.

A workplace that workers like going to every day will naturally boost productivity and job performance. Likewise, the right ambiance is also crucial for client interactions, as it displays the integrity, value and trustworthiness of your business among important prospective clientele. Therefore, the right office fit-out is extremely important.

However, there are two main types of office fit-outs, DIY and professional. Which is better? Let us find out!

DIY Office Fit-outs – The Pros and Cons

A DIY office fit-out can be very overwhelming. However, you can pull it off. Some of the pros of taking the DIY route are:

  • Full Control of the Entire Process

Deciding to go DIY for your office fit-out project provides better control over the entire process. From budgets to timeline and aesthetics, everything is based on your discretion. Thus, you get more flexibility as you adapt the project to your own vision, needs and styles.

  • More Budget-Friendly

If you are under a strict budget but need to create a special and unique office space, then a DIY fit-out can help. Professional office fit-outs can be expensive. Taking over the task all by yourself means that you can save a lot of money initially, as various overhead charges are out of the picture.

  • You Devise Your Own Network of Suppliers and Contractors

By being hands-on with an office fit-out, you can establish your own network of suppliers and subcontractors. This becomes beneficial if you ever need to build, repair or modify anything in the future. Moreover, you also unlock various new skills and gain a lot of knowledge.

However, taking the DIY route in office-fit outs can mean that many crucial elements of the pre-construction phases, such as risk mitigation and planning for quality control, etc, can be missed out. This might culminate in poor project management and a half-baked outcome.

Professional Office Fit-Outs – The Pros and Cons

Prioritizing professional office fit-outs in Auckland has many advantages, which include:

  • Efficient Use of Space

During a professional office fit-out, expert interior designers will provide a thoroughly and rigorously-researched space planning on how your new office space will be devised to best suit the way your business operates and functions with efficient space utilization. For instance, how people work together and collaborate with one another depends on various factors. Only a professional can provide the right insights on how the space must be leveraged for optimal movement throughout the office.

  • Optimized for Different Working Requirements

With professional assistance, you can design office spaces that cater to specific performance outcomes, such as productivity, increased innovation or collaboration. Expert interior design services coupled with professional insights can help gauge how you can restructure different spaces in your office for different purposes, such as meeting rooms, activity areas, etc. 

However, professional office fit-outs can be expensive and might lose some of the creative control.


In a nutshell, office fit-outs in Auckland are better if you have the budget and your requirements are quite massive. However, if the office space is small then DIY can be used too. Everything depends on your personal needs.

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