Free and Reliable Guardian of Privacy: iTop VPN

VPN (Virtual private network) is used to unblock the app or website blocked in a specific area or country. It also provides a safe connection between the device and the Internet server your Internet service provider cannot see your browsing history only just traffic. You can browse anything anonymously. There are plenty of VPNs available on Play Store among all those there’s a VPN that is reliable, easy, and free to use and protects your identity as a priority this VPN is known as iTop VPN. It provides additional benefits with a beginner-friendly experience you don’t need to be a technical expert to use this it’s easy to use with three-step guidance plus it’s free.

Let’s see what factors made iTop different from the rest.

Secure and private

VPN hides your IP address and provides you with safe and secure browsing it encrypts your internet connection which makes sure to save the privacy of the user and hide their identity no one can know what you are browsing. With iTop VPN you can connect to the servers of different countries as you want and your IP address gives away your physical location so, which makes it safe and reliable.

As for understanding let’s imagine you are transferring some amount to someone by using public Wi-Fi hackers can easily hack your account and get access to your private info or sometimes even your device. In that case, if that person used a VPN then all of his information could be secured and there’s no chance of any attack on it.

Improvement in Internet speed:

Many VPNs on Play Store slow your internet speed by continually changing server and IP address also with continual encryption speed of the internet can be affected and when there is a slower speed of the internet there is no meaning in using a VPN So, it is very necessary to choose a VPN wisely which provide you with the best and fast server without effecting your internet speed. VPNs like iTop are experts in these matters and provide the best experience for their users.

Sometimes ISPs (Internet service providers) slow down the speed of the internet when they see your daily data limit exceeding and they may use a technique known as ‘thrilling’ So, to get rid of the slower internet problem use a reliable VPN because when they can’t see your browsing and data so they have no idea what’s going on and your internet speed remain unaffected.

Used on multiple devices

If you want all of your devices to be secured then check the VPN is compatible with all of your devices luckily iTop’s free VPN provides several simultaneous connections which make sure the devices are secure and by using these all of your devices are safe.

Trustworthy policies

While choosing a VPN make sure that its private policies respect your privacy sometimes they can have access to your private data which they can use accordingly So, to save your privacy also pay attention to the VPN you are using.


iTop VPN is a premium quality VPN with a user-friendly experience it’s easy to use with additional benefits. The company itself takes the security of customer’s data very seriously so, it’s providing you with reliable security. Features like these can protect your browsing from the Government, ISPs, Hackers, and others.

The paid version of iTop is also available for Windows users and it provides much better service with amazing discounts.

In short, it’s worth a try hope you’ll get an amazing experience.

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