Genshin Impact-Should You Pull for Chiori

With the new 4.5 Update coming to Genshin Impact, titled – The House of Chioriya – we will also be getting the new titular character – Chiori, a sword-wielding Geo Character. She will be a relatively unique addition to the already massive 5-star roster of available characters. However, with her relatively niche kit and her being Geo – is she really worth the pulls?

Chiori’s Kit

Not only does she have one of the coolest normal-attack strings in the game, with her using “Scissor-like” cuts and utilizing two swords in her animations, she is also the first character to have a built-in character-swap mechanic in her kit. Namely, when you press her Elemental Skill, you will be able to swap to the next character in the order automatically. 

Elemental Skill – Fluttering Hasode

While it is regrettable that Chiori’s elemental burst is nothing to write home about, her Elemental Skill more than makes up for it. Here’s what it does:

  • “Dashes nimbly forward with silken steps. After her dash finishes, Chiori will call forth the robot doll ‘Tamoto’ next to her and swing her sword up, causing area damage to enemies close by. This damage is based on her attack and defense strength.
  • Holding the Skill will cause it to behave differently – Enter Aiming Mode to adjust the dash direction.
  • Tamoto will attack nearby enemies regularly, causing area damage based on Chiori’s attack and defense. When it’s working, if there are nearby Geo structures or if new ones are made close by, an extra Tamoto will appear next to your character in play. Only 1 additional Tamoto can be summoned in this manner, and its duration is independently counted.” ​

However, that is not all – once you unlock her first Talent, you will bring a bit more functionality to her elemental skill. Depending on what you do after using Fluttering Hasode, a different action will take place.

If you tap the elemental skill button again, you will swap to your next character and your party will gain the “Seize The Moment” effect. When you use a normal, charged, or plunging attack – Chiori’s dolls will execute a coordinated attack that deals the same amount of damage as her elemental skill. This can happen two times for each Fluttering Hasode use. 

If you use a normal attack, Chiori will gain Geo infusion for her attacks for 5 seconds.

Elemental Burst – Hiyoku: Twin Blades

Chiori deals AOE damage based on her ATK and DEF. A pretty boring burst, all-things considered. While it has the potential to deal a lot of damage considering it scales off of both ATK and DEF, it leaves a lot to be desired.

The Burning Question – Should You Pull for Chiori

Absolutely. If you don’t mind her being a little bit niche and if you want a cool new addition to your Itto or Navia teams. Regrettably, Geo is in a relatively bad place right now compared to most other elemental-reaction based teams, but it can clear most content quite easily if built properly. If you enjoy Geo, or just like our new Seamstress enough, definitely pull for her! If you don’t have enough Wishes, then you can always use cheap Genshin crystal top up to buy more!


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