The Devil Raises a Lady Spoiler

The Devil Raises a Lady Spoiler

In “The Devil Raises a Lady Spoiler,” we dive into an enchanting tale that intertwines fantasy, romance, and vengeance, featuring a lady and her demon-like bodyguard, Diabel. This Manhwa captivates with its story of a woman seeking retribution against her foes, guided and protected by Diabel, her devilish guardian.

A recent thrilling twist sees the Rosell family launching an attack on Ayana and Cecilia, intending to kidnap Cecilia while leaving Ayana to a fatal fate. In a heart-stopping moment, just as one attacker is about to end Ayana’s life, Diabel leaps into action. With a precise shot, he sends an arrow flying towards the assailants, thwarting their plans and saving Ayana from certain death.

The Devil Raises a Lady Spoiler

“The Devil Raises a Lady Spoiler” masterfully combines elements of regression and the supernatural through the bond between the main characters, exploring the depths of revenge and protection. Diabel’s devil attributes and his unwavering dedication to Ayana’s safety add a compelling layer to their relationship and the narrative’s intrigue. This review and spoiler update aims to shed light on the latest captivating developments in their story.

The Devil Raises a Lady: A Daring Encounter

In “The Devil Raises a Lady Spoiler,” we’re drawn into an intense moment between a young imprisoned girl and Prince Erez Rosel, who illuminates the dark cell with his lamp. The tension escalates when Erez inquires about the food the girl refuses to eat. Defiant, she doesn’t beg for mercy but reveals her true intent—she has been harboring plans to kill Erez, blaming him for her family’s alleged betrayal over the past 13 years.

A Test of Wills

Erez Rosel issues a stark warning: surrender or face execution. Yet, he offers a sliver of hope—if she yields, he will spare her life. Far from intimidated, the girl laughs in the face of danger, expressing regret that she hasn’t already killed Erez. As he prepares to leave, her mind turns to her bodyguard, Diabel, sparking curiosity in her final question to Erez about him.

This encounter beautifully sets the stage for a story rich in intrigue, defiance, and the complex dynamics between captor and captive. The mention of Diabel hints at deeper layers of loyalty and protection, promising a narrative filled with suspense and unexpected alliances.

Diabel’s Loyalty and Strategy

In the midst of a relentless 13-year conflict, a young princess remains standing thanks to her formidable enemies, the Rosell Family, and the unwavering protection of her bodyguard, Diabel. Throughout these harrowing times, Diabel has been more than a guardian; he’s been her savior, engineering daring escapes and facing off against her foes. However, the tide seems to turn when Diabel is captured, pushing the princess to the brink of surrender, believing her end is near.

A Surprising Turn

Contrary to her grim expectations, it’s Diabel who emerges, unscathed and without a single mark of battle, stunning Lady Ayana. His appearance sparks a conversation about a tragic tale of two lovers separated by the confines of an enemy’s dungeon, leading to a heart-wrenching misunderstanding and death. Diabel then shifts the narrative, probing Lady Ayana about the choices she might make, hinting at possibilities of a different future.

Lady Ayana’s initial shock at Diabel’s unmarked state turns to intrigue as she notices a significant change in his demeanor. Offering her a chance at a new life, Diabel proposes a fresh start, an opportunity that Lady Ayana views with a mix of suspicion and hope. She had mistakenly thought Diabel had sided with her enemies, but it becomes clear that his allegiance might come at a price.

A Pact for Vengeance

The revelation that Diabel requires a formal agreement to continue his protection and aid in her quest for vengeance against the Rosell Family introduces a complex layer to their relationship. Lady Ayana grapples with feelings of betrayal and pragmatism; despite her doubts about Diabel’s motivations, she recognizes him as her sole ally in her pursuit of retribution.

This precarious alliance underscores the narrative’s tension, highlighting themes of trust, betrayal, and the lengths to which individuals will go to achieve their ends. Lady Ayana’s decision to enter a contract with Diabel not only solidifies her resolve to take down the Rosell Family but also marks a pivotal moment in her journey, acknowledging that her path to vengeance is intertwined with Diabel, her once and future guardian.

A Journey Through Time

One morning, Sophia, an old servant from the Lihaf family, awakens Lady Ayana, marking the beginning of an unexpected journey. After years, Ayana’s father returns, and Sophia escorts Ayana to freshen up, where Ayana is shocked to find her youthful appearance restored. The surprise deepens as she reunites with her entire family, including Lord Lloyd, her sister Cecilia, and Blair, all of whom she believed were lost. In the midst of these heartwarming reunions, Diabel is introduced by her father as the Lihaf family’s new guard, prompting Ayana’s first glare of resentment towards him.

The Consequences of Diabel’s Arrival

Months pass, and Lady Ayana reflects on the drastic changes since Diabel entered their lives. Her family faces turmoil, leading to her unfortunate marriage to the Pashito Marquis’s unworthy second son, demanding a male heir. Following a difficult childbirth, Ayana’s health deteriorates, but Diabel intervenes, saving her from her hostile in-laws. Their escape precedes a devastating epidemic that wipes out the Pashito family, leaving Ayana as the reigning baroness, fueled by a desire for revenge. She engages in a series of assassinations, plots, and wars, all while cherishing the reunion with her family, determined not to lose them again.

The Pact with Diabel

In a private meeting, Ayana confronts Diabel, attributing their time slip to their pact. She probes into the mechanics of their journey back in time, leading Diabel to reveal his dual identity as both her royal knight and a devil. This revelation sets the stage for Ayana to navigate her newfound reality, armed with the knowledge and power to alter her fate, with Diabel, an enigmatic figure straddling the line between guardian and supernatural being, by her side.

The Devil Raises a Lady: A Tense Confrontation in the Ch#19

In Chapter 19 of “The Devil Raises a Lady,” tension mounts as the father count offers wine to a young man, who refuses the drink and seeks forgiveness from Ayana and the count. Urged by her father, Ayana retreats inside the house as the threat of an attack looms from the Rosell family. Despite her concerns, Ayana’s father insists that her brothers can handle the situation, leaving Ayana and her sister to anxiously await the impending danger.

A Strategic Move

As the night wears on, Ayana takes matters into her own hands, instructing Diabel to fetch spices for an interrogation. Determined to confront the young man responsible for the betrayal herself, Ayana prepares to make a bold move in the face of danger.

Facing the Threat

With tensions high and the threat of attack looming, Ayana and her sister remain vigilant throughout the night. Concerned for their safety, Ayana’s father urges them to leave the palace, but Ayana refuses to flee, instead searching for Diabel. When she finds him, Diabel reveals crucial information about the young man’s motives, uncovering a plot fueled by gambling debts and betrayal.

A Test of Loyalty

Despite the danger, Ayana chooses to trust Diabel, insisting that he stay by her side. In a heartfelt confession, Diabel pledges his allegiance to Ayana, revealing that she is his true master and expressing his desire to protect her at all costs. This moment solidifies their bond as they face the looming threat together, ready to confront whatever challenges lie ahead.

The Devil Raises a Lady: A Sudden Ambush in Ch#20

In Chapter 20 of “The Devil Raises a Lady,” tension escalates when Cecilia expresses her concerns over the ordinary appearance of their attire and the royal carriage, hinting at her unease about the upcoming party. This apprehension quickly turns into reality when their royal cart is ambushed. Ayana and Cecilia are thrown into a state of alarm as soldiers force their way in, revealing themselves to be guards from the Russell Family, the same foes from thirteen years prior.

A Daring Rescue

The attackers, brazen and unmasked, reveal their intentions to capture Cecilia alive while planning to eliminate Ayana. Faced with imminent danger, Ayana prepares to sacrifice herself to protect her sister. In a dramatic turn, Diabel intervenes, launching a surprise attack on the assailants with an arrow, showcasing his protective instincts and combat skills.

Diabel’s Timely Intervention

Following the rescue, Diabel confronts Ayana, teasingly questioning her propensity for finding trouble whenever he’s not around. This moment not only highlights Diabel’s dedication to Ayana’s safety but also adds a lighter moment to the otherwise tense situation, reinforcing the deep bond between the protector and the princess amidst the chaos and danger surrounding them.

The Devil Raises a Lady Spoiler FAQ’s

Who is Diabel in “The Devil Raises a Lady”?

Diabel is the devil-like bodyguard of Lady Ayana, dedicated to her safety and aiding in her quest for vengeance.

What is the main conflict in “The Devil Raises a Lady”?

The main conflict revolves around Lady Ayana’s pursuit of revenge against the Rosell family, with the protection and assistance of her guardian, Diabel.

Does Ayana trust Diabel?

Despite initial doubts, Ayana grows to trust Diabel as he consistently proves his loyalty and dedication to her safety and her mission.

How does Diabel save Ayana?

Diabel saves Ayana through his combat skills and strategic interventions, including rescuing her from an ambush and thwarting her enemies’ plans.

What supernatural elements are in the story?

The story features elements of regression, time slips, and the supernatural through Diabel’s devil attributes and the magical pact between him and Ayana.


In “The Devil Raises a Lady Spoiler,” readers are drawn into a captivating narrative filled with intrigue, romance, and supernatural elements. The dynamic relationship between Lady Ayana and her devilish bodyguard, Diabel, serves as the central focus, driving the story forward as they navigate through a world of vengeance and protection.

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With each chapter, new twists and turns emerge, keeping readers on the edge of their seats as they follow Ayana’s quest for revenge against the Rosell family. Diabel’s unwavering loyalty and his mysterious past add depth to the story, while the bond between him and Ayana grows stronger with each challenge they face together.

As the plot unfolds, themes of trust, betrayal, and sacrifice come to the forefront, underscoring the complexities of the characters’ motivations and actions. Through it all, Ayana and Diabel stand as formidable allies, ready to confront whatever obstacles come their way.

With its blend of fantasy, romance, and suspense, “The Devil Raises a Lady Spoiler” offers readers an immersive journey into a world where the line between good and evil blurs, and where love and revenge collide in unexpected ways.


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