A Complete Guide Of Google Reviews Widget For Squarespace Website

A Complete Guide Of Google Reviews Widget For Squarespace Website

Shoppers and prospective customers look for social proof in this digital shopping age. From their potential consumers, brands must get assurance for their products. In making the online presence more presentable of brands, Squarespace is helping businesses. Any brand can make its online presence credible by opting to embed Google reviews on Squarespace website

A Complete Guide Of Google Reviews Widget For Squarespace Website

When it comes to proof, there is no more credible source than Google Reviews. When it comes to collecting and using reviews for your brand, Google Reviews has become the leading platform. Because Google reviews are posted by current and trusted users of a given brand, it is the most trusted and authentic platform for potential customers.

Follow this blog where you’ll learn about the most detailed method that you can use to seamlessly integrate the Google reviews widget on Squarespace website. We will also take you through the incredible benefits of adjusting this marketing strategy to your business or brand. 

What Are Google Reviews Widget? 

To display Google reviews on the website, an embedded code is used which is known as a Google reviews widget. To showcase a star rating, a pop-up with a customer’s review, and a list of reviews, the Google review widget can be used. Google reviews are one of the best ways to build trust and gain faith from your customers which can be done easily by showcasing positive reviews. 

There are several types of Google reviews widget for Squarespace website available but you have to choose one that best suits your designs and requirements. You can add a review widget without needing a developer and you can enhance the online presence of your website and draw new customers easily. 

Why Add Google Reviews Widget To The Squarespace Website?

It is very obvious how adding a Google reviews widget on Squarespace website will benefit your business. Without the requirement of a developer, you can easily embed Google reviews on your website. Some other benefits are mentioned below. 

1. Enhance The Visual Appeal Of The Website 

A website must have a strong online presence apart from content because it is the face of the brand in the online market. So if you decide to add Google reviews on Squarespace, it’s a good idea to change the overall look of your site. When a well-customized widget is displayed on your website, it can greatly improve the visitor experience on your website. 

2. Develop A Social Proof For Your Website

For building the reputation of the business every brand needs social proof. To build a good reputation for your brand and its products, Google Reviews will work its magic. Google reviews posted by existing customers are part of the user-generated content. Embedding user-generated content on your website helps your business gain customer trust as it provides social proof of your brand.

3. Display The Transparency Of The Brand 

The potential customers look forward to buying products from a business that is not transparent. When you embed Google reviews on Squarespace website, it will display how accessible and open you are as a brand. About the impact of your products, Google reviews will work as social proof. 

4. Foster Strong Brand-Customer Relationship 

To make the buying continue from the consumers, all businesses must foster a long-lasting and strong relationship with the customers. Visitors will put their trust and confidence in your brand when you showcase the Google reviews on your website and instill loyalty in them. This will indicate that your brand is transparent and it will lead to a better-brand relationship. 

Codeless Embedding Process Of Google Reviews Widget To Squarespace Website 

To add a Squarespace Google reviews widget on website without much coding, use one of the best social media aggregator tools- Tagembed. Here are some easy steps through which you can easily embed Google reviews on your Squarespace website. 

1. Create The Google Review Widget

Sign up for a free Tagembed account, or log into your account if you are an existing user. You’ll be then redirected to the Tagembed dashboard after you logged in. Your widget is already created If you’re a new user, click on the open button. Press the Create Widget tab if you’re an existing user, give a name, and press the Create Feed tab. 

2. Aggregate The Content Source

You can choose Google as your content aggregation source from the appearing window screen. To aggregate the reviews, Pick Google as your connection type. After filling out the credentials of the account, within a few minutes, you can see the Google reviews. 

3. Add Google Reviews On Squarespace Website 

In the bottom left corner of the editor, press the embed widget button after you complete the customization of the feed. Select Squarespace from the appearing screen as your website-building platform. 

4. Generate The Embed Code 

To adjust the height and width of the Google review widget, you’ll have the option. Press the Copy code button once you are done with the adjustment. 

5. Embedding Google Reviews to Squarespace Website 

Start the process of embedding Google reviews on Squarespace website and log into your Squarespace website’s admin account. To add the Google reviews, press the edit button. Choose the “</>” code option. On the editor, paste the embed code and then press the Apply tab. To complete the process just save the changes. 

Final Note 

The importance of adding a Google reviews widget on Squarespace website increases as customers don’t trust brands’ promotional content anymore. The prospective customers will trust user-generated content, i.e., reviews that are provided by the existing customers of the brand. You can leverage the aforementioned steps to seamlessly integrate the Google reviews on Squarespace website without needing any coding knowledge.


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