Amazon Mini TV

Amazon is one of the famous platforms when it comes to entertainment. The founder of Amazon always finds a way to keep engaging their audience. That is the reason they have launched Amazon mini TV. Do you want to know, what is Amazon mini TV? We’ve outlined it for you here.

Amazon Mini TV is a video streaming service that was launched by Amazon. You can take access to it within the Amazon Shopping app. This is ad-supported and is available for both persons who use Android and IOS. It is free for all Amazon customers. Moreover, it is not available globally like Amazon Prime because it is only accessible to people who are living in India. In mini TV, Amazon offers content from well-known YouTube Creators. As it is free that, is why ads get replaced by the subscription fee.

Amazon Mini TV

Amazon mini tv is created professionally and it features Web series, Tech, Beauty, Food, Fashion, and various digital creators such as Ashish Chanchlani, Amit Bhadana, etc. but they all will be from India.

Amazon Mini TV Quiz

Amazon is a free platform for Indians to get entertained. There are multiple web series on Amazon. When it comes to promoting something then Amazon promotes its web series with a fun zone section. It gets promoted with the quiz context. According to research, it is told that this Valentine’s Day, Amazon launched Mini TV Quiz “Case Toh Banta Hai” for up to 40000 or more. If you are confused with the question, Is it free or not? Let us clear it for you. Yes, it is totally free. You just have to spin and win the price. You can find this in the fun zone section of Amazon mini TV.

Amazon Mini TV Web Series List

There are multiple shows, movies, music, and web series on Amazon Prime. People spend a lot of time there on it because it is totally free. The web series is what that is quite famous. Therefore, here we have mentioned the latest and most demanding Amazon Mini TV Web Series list.

  • Murder In Agonda
  • Hum Do Teen Chaar
  • Couple Goals – Season 3
  • Crushed
  • Adulting – Season 3

Amazon Mini TV Briefly Explained

Because of the amount of traffic it receives, Amazon is a well-known brand and splits amazon stock with time. For the entertainment of people, it launched Amazon Mini TV which is full of entertainment: thanks to its web series, as it was free, that is why it gets even more traffic but it is just available for the Indians. In the above jotted down info, you can find what is Amazon Mini TV, Amazon Mini TV Web Series List, and about Amazon Mini TV Quiz.


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