Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is a day-long sale that’s held every year in July. The event began in 2015 and since then it become one of the biggest sales events on the internet. This was started to commemorate Amazon’s 20th Birthday. The term “Prime” refers to the prime account that we obtain after getting the subscription. You should surely get a Subscription because one of its great services of free delivery with most of the items.

Amazon Prime Day gets plenty of subscribers because the discounts are available to prime members and are not available to non-prime members. You must subscribe to Amazon Prime to save money on discounts. You don’t need to use a coupon or anything else to get the discount after getting a subscription. When you open your prime account, you will receive discounts on all sale products.

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, and it’s also a major player in the retail industry. It has a huge product inventory, which means you can find what you’re looking for at low prices. In addition, to its massive customer base and money-making business model, Amazon has an army of employees who keep everything running smoothly every day. In other words, Amazon is also a huge success for the e-commerce giant! If you’ve been thinking about buying any products now might be the time. Amazon Prime Day is back and promises to be even bigger than last year’s event.

What time does Amazon Prime Day start?

Most people are not aware of the time which is why they asked, “What time does Amazon Prime Day start?” Here we will clear your confusion about it.

Amazon Prime Day usually happens on July 15 or 12 or any date which will they announce but July month is confirmed. Hence, it is 24/7 event that runs through 12:01 a.m. in July. One thing for your clarification is, It’s not like Black Friday or Cyber Monday because Prime Day is a one-day sales event that will feature discounts on plenty of items, as it is mentioned above: only prime account users can buy. The timings will be according to the country you are living in such as:

  • In UK (BST): 12th July 00:01 am to 23:59 pm 13th July
  • In US (ET/PT): 12th July 3am (ET) / 00:00am (PT) to 2:59am (ET) / 23:59pm (PT) 13th July
  • In Australia (AEST): 12th July 00:00am to 17:00 pm on 14th July

This is a great opportunity to grab the best value out of your purchase and with the news of the sale you will find out, wherever you want to because it is a huge event, which is why it gets a huge promotion too.

Best Deals on Amazon Prime Day

Grabbing the best deals on Amazon Prime Video is what everyone desires. There you can get numerous products in the sale such as tablets and computers as well as furniture, Baby products, and other home goods. You can expect to see some great deals during this time period, if you have Amazon Prime. You’ll also be able to buy things from other retailers that are available for Prime members. Some of the hot Amazon Prime deals which you can grab are:

Prime Day Baby Deals

Child clothing and accessories are quite expensive which is why Parents are constantly looking for something which can be comfortable and affordable. That is the reason why Amazon Prime brings amazing discounts and deals which are “Baby Deals”. The deals and discounts use to be different every time but the parents get never disappointed. Parents grab all the necessities for their child. On Prime Day you can even get 75% Discount which is amazing. The discount on these items stays for one day.

Prime Day Laptop Deals

As there you can review different deals but people mostly wait for this day to get a discount on Laptops. Getting discount on our favorite and expensive product drives people crazy. Not only individuals but retailers can also pick the best items from Amazon as soon as possible. After that, they can sell those products at the rate they want to on their shops or e-commerce websites. The inventory of laptop gets out of stock quickly. On this day People become hunters.

To get these extraordinary discounts: you have to get a membership Of Amazon Prime. This will cost you almost $99 per year. In this one-day sales event, you can get most of the items for less than 20$, which sounds amazing!

Acknowledge, there used to be numerous people who wait for the sale to start, that is why you should be prepared with a list of items, you want to buy before the sale begins. This will assist you to ensure that you don’t miss out on any deals.

Prime Day Special Quiz

Amazon promotes its sales in different ways. One of the most famous ways of it is Amazon Prime Day Special Quiz. It allows people to give the answer to the quiz. There used to be different rounds, whoever wins all the rounds gets rewarded with mind-blowing prizes. The passionate people strive to win this competition which automatically promotes their brands. These strategies of Amazon always work for them.

Amazon Prime Day Brief Description

Amazon Prime Day comes once a year and people wait for it anxiously. The sales come up with jaw-dropping discounts. There you can get the best deals such as baby deals, laptop deals, and a lot more.

These discounts can be taken by Prime members only. If you’re not already an Amazon Prime member then you should obtain the membership right away because you get a lot of benefits from it. That is why it’s totally worth it. Amazon Prime members can get free two-day shipping on most items as well as access to thousands of movies and TV shows through Prime Video. Moreover, you can grab the products at discount; additionally, you can read the above article to receive any information. We are assured that it will clear your queries.


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